Choosing the Right Frames

One of the dreadful task when comes to picking up the a pair of glasses or sunglasses is determine whether it will suit you. Too often, what we want and what we thought we liked are often unattractive, or it just simply does not match your look or lifestyle. Aside from the visual factors, for those wearing glasses for the first time, or trying to purchase their first pair of shade may find it real nuisance having to deal with unexpected issues like foggy lens to a slipping nose piece.

That is why, at Mujosh, our team is committed to guide you through this process, and making sure that whatever you choose to take home with you will be more than just a solution to your vision, but also something that will help show off your personality, and highlight your best features.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out new frames.

Frame Styles:

Do you remember the saying, the opposite attracts? And this is certainly true when it comes to choosing the right eyeglasses frames that suite your face. Consider your face shape when selecting frames. For example, if your face is round, by choosing a wider, angular frames will add structure and slim it. A square face matching with a round or narrow frames will help soften the angles and make it more appealing. Overall, frames that contrast with the shape of your face tend to be the most flattering.

Another thing to consider while selecting the style of the frame is the colour. Just like shopping for your clothes. The right colour will help reflect your personal style, and complement your wardrobe and skin tone.

Last but not least, remember to always to try before you buy! When shopping for prescription sunglasses or glasses, always make sure to try and compare how each frame looks and feels on you. This will help you find a pair that not only suits your style but also provides the comfort you need for daily wear.

Frame Materials:

There three popular options for frame material that are widely used in the market today. You may not be well familiar to their name, but you have certainly seen them on someone close to you, or evening owning one with it yourself. Let’s see if you recognized them:

Acetate Frames:

Acetate materiel is a type of plastic called cellulose acetate. This material is known for being lightweight, durable, and flexible, making it ideal for anyone looking for comfort and durability to their everyday wear. Another characteristic that makes this material particular popular for fashion-forward individuals is the ability to offer them in wide range of colors and pattern.

Metallic Frames:

Metallic frames are crafted from metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. Due to the nature of the materiel, metallic frames are known for its long lasting durability, strong resistant to corrosion, light weight feel and elegant finishes. Metallic frames is generally more flexible when comparing to acetate frames, and it is typical of seeing them come in a sleek and minimalist aesthetic design.

Lightweight Plastics:

Lightweight plastic frames are made from materials such as nylon and TR-90. It is an ideal materiel for individuals looking for comfort and practicality as the frames made from these materials are extremely light, durable, and high resistant to impacts and drops. Similar to acetate frames, lightweight plastic frames is also highly customizable, so they can come in a wide array of colours and styles.

As you contemplate on everything you have just learned about picking THE perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses, please always remember that there is no definitive answer to what is right or wrong. The choice you make will always Depending on if you are looking for a fashion statement, or simply just something that will be your best companion as you are out about on your outdoor adventures, as you carefully consider your personal needs and preferences, you will sure to find it in our selections.

Elevating Your Style with Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just eye protection. Over the last decade, sunglasses has evolved from a mere accessory that help protecting one’s eyes from harmful UV rays to now, a statement piece that elevates one’s overall appearance. Having the prefect pair of sunglasses is essential, but are you still confused about where to start, and what are some other benefits that will bring? Look no further!

If you are a little bit nervous about your journey of finding the “one”, simply follow the 10 simple tips below for some guidance. These recommendations will mark the beginning of your transformation.

  1. Find frames that enhance your facial features.
  2. Experiment with various frame designs.
  3. Consider the style and material of lenses and frames that meet your needs and preferences.
  4. Think about lens color and tint options.
  5. Keep up with trends without going overboard.
  6. Coordinate with your wardrobe.
  7. Accessorize with purpose.
  8. Opt for versatile styles.
  9. Ensure adequate UV ray protection.
  10. Remember, confidence is key to pull off any look.

So, why choose Mujosh?

Here at Mujosh, our team takes pride in our understanding of the importance of your eye care, and lifestyle. While keeping these two important elements in mind, our mission is for everyone who visits us to walk out with something that not improves their eye care, but also enhances their personality and makes a statement. So if you are in the market, look no further!

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